Tours KTM in the dunes

Activity in Merzouga

tours ktm in the dunes
tours ktm in the dunes
tours ktm in the dunes

Do you enjoy riding a motorbike? Are you in need of new adventures?

If the answer is yes, you can’t miss out on this activity when visiting Merzouga.

KTM motorbike trips: from 1 hour to as long as you want. You can even do a trip with a KTM motorbike for several days around the desert. We can also guide a group of riders around Morocco.

You can either rent one of our KTM motorbikes or do the activity with your own KTM.

Get ready to experience the greatest adventure in Morocco!

Activity conditions

Start and end of the activity: Merzouga, or any agreed place

The price includes


Experienced KTM guide during the whole activity

KTM motorbike rent for one person


Not included




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